Since 1995 water has been for us an element of study, research and innovation. We have started from water and we continue on water in an endless cycle of evolution.
For our history and for our experience we are the most influential point of reference for all petrochemical, food and beverages, energy, engineering, iron and steel and pharmaceutical companies which must adopt proper systems for water collection, treatment and recycling.
In our offices in Cadoneghe, in the province of Padua, 30 thousand square meters divided into administration, engineering department, workshop and warehouse, we employ eighty people including professionals, technicians, workers and office staff, all of them is extremely driven to meet the clients’ needs and increase the potential of the company.



Guaranteeing a future to our planet: with this awareness we strive every day into adopting project techniques and patented technologies that allow us to treat particularly contaminated water; to realize energy-efficient plants; to reduce or eliminate waste; to reduce chemical additives in treatments.
Thanks to our engineering know-how we work together for a better world through the realization of low-impact plants of different layouts, like water treating for human consumption, rehabilitation of contaminated sites and reusing wastewater.

Products and activities

The long experience gained in the field of science and in all fields of engineering allows us to work with cutting edge standards and to give our customers a 360 ° service, covering every area of water treatment and reuse.

Designing and building ‘turnkey plants’


Technical assistance


Plant management


Hiring mobile and emergency plants