We have got experience, competence, technical ability and problem solving skills to realize any project in water treatment, including major works in the industrial sector, complex for dimensions and risks. Our company is organized into various departments, each one dealing with specific problems taking into account the general overview of the project.

Our group of chemists studies and develops treatment processes in various areas with sustainable solutions in technical and managerial terms while respecting safety and hygienic standards and reducing waste and wastewater.

Our instrumental sector projects systems for controlling plants in order to secure highest precision and reliability.

The electrical division engineers all devices in primary and secondary electrical distribution and conversion, taking care of every single aspect of electrical systems. Our technical department, made of skilled professionals specialized in civil, geotechnical and structural engineering, streamlines projects together with the other departments, devises and supervises building site operations by securing the compliance with law and respect of works completion and delivery.

Products and activities

The long experience gained in the field of science and in all fields of engineering allows us to work with cutting edge standards and to give our customers a 360 ° service, covering every area of water treatment and reuse.

Designing and building ‘turnkey plants’


Technical assistance


Plant management


Hiring mobile and emergency plants